Employer's Legal Advisor, Inc. a California law firm "Providing Practical Legal Solutions for HR Management"

With a combination of legal and business expertise, we work with employers on a day-to-day basis-- answering questions; designing and implementing employment policies and procedures; advising on hiring and termination; training managers on legal compliance and effective decision-making; reviewing organizational structure; and representing employers' interests before courts and agencies.

Employer’s Legal Advisor, Inc. works with the staff you already have or gives direct assistance when you need it. The firm provides a cost-effective way for you to have your own in-house counsel or HR expert for as little or as much time as you need.

Become an ELA “Preferred Employer” and get answers to everyday questions, access to helpful resources, and discounted hourly rates all for one low annual fee!
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General Advisory Assistance

General Advisory Assistance allows you to get immediate, accurate legal advice on day to day decisions. Recommendations are made with your business needs in mind. Your company can get the benefit of a business-oriented lawyer's help with conducting investigations of employee complaints or implementing new HR policies and procedures. >> Learn More

Legal Representation

Legal Representation is provided to employers faced with a charge/complaint from an administrative agency, a letter from an attorney representing a current or former employee or a complaint filed in state or federal court. This includes investigation of the facts; analysis; recommendations for action to be taken; and appropriate response. >>Learn More

Upcoming Training Sessions
& Speaking Engagements

Compliance Reviews/Audits

Compliance Reviews/Audits include a review of employment practices and policies, organizational design and administration of employment-related activities of your company. From data gathering to analysis, with recommendations and implementation of changes, the goal is to work with your staff to address and remedy problem areas within your business environment. >> Learn More

Employee Handbooks/Policies

Employee Handbooks/Policies are reviewed to ensure that they are legally sound and internally consistent. Sample policies are provided for you to review and then we work with you to customize your handbook and other policies to fit your company's needs. >> Learn More

Articles / News

Winter 2018-1: Get Ready for the New Year Update

Winter 2018-1- Get Ready for the New Year Update

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